Add these books to your reading list if you`re looking for a precedent or just want to investigate key cases that have shaped the U.S. justice system. Real estate law governs the processes of acquisition, enjoyment and transfer of land. Equip yourself to be a trusted advocate for homeowners with the following books. Are you looking for specialized publications on the different areas of immigration law? These books on immigration law are valuable to both novice and experienced practitioners. If you`re just getting started with intellectual property rights, take this book. Weiss says, “In about an hour, you learn the language of intellectual property and get to know more than 90% of the audience.” Consider this book as a quick guide that will prepare you to have informed conversations about patents and intellectual property law. These books provide guidance on the role of lawyers in divorce, adoption and custody cases. In this comprehensive guide, readers will examine important decisions in intellectual property law and delve deeper into the nuances of intellectual property law.

If you`re dealing with intellectual property management, patent tracking, or patent litigation, this resource deserves a place in your library. Intellectual property (IP) is incredibly valuable, but only if you know how to protect it. These books on intellectual property help to understand the notoriously complex aspects of intellectual property law. Discover more of the author`s books, see similar authors, read author blogs and more But when was the last time you read a law book just because you wanted to? If it`s been too long, get ready to find a new favorite with this comprehensive list of the best law books. Whether you want to deepen your knowledge in a particular area of expertise, refine your legal drafting or draw inspiration from a legal brief, we have it all for you. Although this was written for an audience of law students, it is still one of the best books to understand corporate law. This text deals with state and federal company law in a user-friendly style. If you need to interpret laws in a business or financial context, this is a great read to keep on your shelf. These books break down the complexity of the U.S. income tax code in an easy-to-understand way (yes, really). While these books don`t fall into any of the specific legal categories we`ve covered, they`re still excellent reads that offer insightful and nuanced views on the legal industry.

Learn how to navigate with these books through the rules and principles that govern interaction and relations between nations, states, and international organizations. In this revised edition, Michael Bridge offers a comprehensive analysis of the complexity of English personal property law. It contains new documents on the central issues of case law and legal developments. An invaluable resource for those coming to this topic for the first time. This is volume 2 of a two-volume sentence written for property rights. From the preface to Volume 1: Property, as a vaguely defined collection of contractual, tortious and criminal matters, does not assume the natural structure of a material area of law through the systematic examination of duty, infringement, causation, defense and damages. Instead, this textbook and most real estate courses cover various topics in law with two goals in mind. First, we will look at a number of traditional real estate issues where the question of “ownership” and what it entails has long been considered a central issue.

Second, but most importantly, our interdisciplinary study will introduce some of the most important analytical techniques in law, from precedent-based reasoning to law and economics to distributive justice. When we move from one problem to another, our goal is always to ask relentlessly, “Why?” “Why should the law protect the interests of this party?” These important techniques that we will take up along the way will help us to give better answers to this question. Business law books can be dense, but the following books deal with corporate law in a more digestible format. Good law books are accessible, but the best law books find a way to make even dry topics like corporate law entertaining. Business Bribes contains a collection of captivating true stories that show the dark side of corporate courtrooms. The stories of commercial corruption and its influence on jurisprudence in the United States and around the world offer exciting lessons in corporate law. These books will help you better understand the criminal law and discuss crime, complicity and punishment. Whether you`re trying to improve your productivity in the office or find a way to unsubscribe in time for dinner and get home, these books are useful resources for managing your time more efficiently. This book focuses on legal theory in the context of the business world. Emerson explains everything in detail, from theories of tort liability, government regulations, environmental and consumer protection laws, to contracts, product liability, and international law. It also simplifies special topics such as property, intellectual property, and white-collar crime in this interesting book.

This book by prominent American journalist Sasha Issenberg, a remarkable New York Times Book of the Year, takes readers on a journey from the time three same-sex couples in Hawaii demanded marriage licenses in 1990 to the final legalization of same-sex marriage in 2015. This captivating story offers a deeper insight into the Marriage Defense Act, Proposition 8, and the United States v. Windsor and Obergefell v Hodges THE ENGAGEMENT: AMERICA`S QUARTER-CENTURY STRUGGLE ABOUT SAME-SEX MARRIAGE by Sasha Issenberg What do law students and practicing lawyers have in common? Lots of reading. Written by lawyer Beverly Davidek and her husband Dirk Davidek, it`s a great read for lawyers who feel that their career negatively affects their personal lives and overall happiness. In this book, you`ll find practical tips as well as stories that will show you how to prioritize your relationships and well-being while succeeding as a lawyer. Jennifer Pitts of the University of Chicago takes readers on a journey to learn about the origins and evolution of international law. Pitts argues that the international legal system was built on the premise of European domination, guiding readers through poignant examples of the implications of this legacy. The importance of a trusted business consultant cannot be overstated. Get insights to protect your customers` best interests with the following business readings. If you ever feel discouraged as a young lawyer or question the impact you can have on the world, this is the book you should choose.

Set in 1992, this gripping novel is based on the true story of a group of Yale law students and their professor and their quest to free 300 innocent Haitians detained at Guantanamo Bay after being promised political asylum.