Seeing couples in amusement parks is a very common thing. But how about changing that schedule a little bit and adding a good pinch of creativity? To begin with, they will make a bet: go to all toys without exception (as long as it is allowed for the older ones, of course); Since we can`t stop there, we had some ideas: the one who screams first pays for the snack; Those who are rarely on the roller coaster prepare dinner; call the affectionate nickname at the top of the Ferris wheel; grimaces and other grimaces during photos; Eating all the treats that children like – love apple and cotton candy, gummies – is also mandatory. The rule here (best of all, there is no rule) is to have fun with a child`s soul! Don`t be afraid of what we`re going to tell you! But yes, it is quite possible to have an unforgettable encounter in a library. First, because there are several monumental libraries around the world, not only for their tribute to literature, but also for their architectural beauty, which is worth taking up all the space of your memory card. In Brazil, for example, we have the Real Gabinete Portuguese De Leitura in Rio de Janeiro, which is one of the 10 most beautiful in the world. The Trinity College Library (Dublin, Ireland), the Stuttgart City Library (Germany), the New York Public Library, the Bibliothèque Sainte Geneviève (Paris) and the National Library of the Czech Republic (Prague) are just a few examples of the immense list of wonders of the world. Here we have gathered some tips to avoid punctures or problems before, during and after the meeting: Less is much moreMárcio, 29 years old, AdvertisingI really like to talk about where to go, because as it is the first time, it is also a way to know the person by the type of place he chooses. I give preference to the woman, but if I can, play safely, I go where I know it`s good, everyone respects her style, whether she likes Litrão or likes something more refined. I like places with music or busier, which forces me to talk closer to them.

The guide indicates the best locations for meetings, identified by an independent survey and evaluated by a panel of experts. Among the elected officials, there are restaurants and shelters in the city. How long is it recommended to wait until you can kiss or sleep with someone first? It depends on many factors: who remembers music stores with their endless records? Spending time looking at album covers and choosing from the many copies was very special. Now, enough nostalgia and let`s go into the present! Today, this is also possible in department stores and bookstores. The big advantage is that when scanning, you can listen to certain topics directly in the store and share them with your swarm. Remember the themes of adolescence, the music festival during the holidays, an amazing show of your favorite singer. Anyway, a great option to spend an afternoon, discover affinities and maybe fall even more in love! Not to mention, many of these shops have cafes and break rooms where you can stay close to your flirtation. Cons: It can be expensive if you choose a good restaurant (obviously, we don`t think you`ll take it from this “family for a pound” near your workplace) and you also have to pay back so you don`t venture too far and bring it to a Vietnamese who serves spicy dog meat. In addition, your table manners can be a breech if you are used to using toothpicks or a napkin on your neck. 5. Mexican, Jap, Italian, Hamber.

Lanchos! Eating out© is wonderful, but you don`t always have to go to the same places. Enjoy and suggest the burger you saw on Instagram the other day and wrote the name on© the notepad, or the vegetarian who just opened and you`re crazy to meet! The first encounters always give us different emotions. We are very nervous and anxious because we want everything to be perfect or almost, when it comes to organizing, it`s white in our head and we are extremely insecure when it comes to making decisions. We don`t know where to go, what to talk about, whether it`s good or bad to do certain things, and that fills us with internal questions. You don`t have to ask all the questions. The idea is that you do the ones that interest you the most and make it more comfortable for you to have the conversation naturally. If this doesn`t happen, there are several questions in this post that will help you get out of a tricky situation and get to know yourself.