An LEI toolkit will be developed for independent advisory bodies and other bodies to assist them in working with the LEI. Part of this work will involve working with LexisNexis to develop an online LEI auditor tool that can also be used when sorting consultations. The “Checker” is similar to the existing online tool for legal aid eligibility and helps users and consultants determine if someone can have an LEI. The consultation takes place online, by phone, during walk-in sessions* and via an appointment system. We also have a number of outreach projects. Legal Advice Centre (University House) is an independent charitable foundation based in London, UK. Founded in 1941, the society offers a range of clubs and services to fill gaps in public social services and alleviate difficulties in the immediate neighbourhood. The firm also offers legal advice, labour law, benefits law, housing law, consumer law, small claims and education law. The company is led by a management team. University House is one of London`s oldest community agencies and was founded in 1886. Our Legal Advice Centre provides free specialist legal advice, while our A2J laboratory offers psychological support and opportunities to access partnerships of justice projects. Social justice and democracy | Legal Advice Centre (University House) is one of London`s oldest legal advisory firms, founded in 1941 and based in Bethnal Green. The Centre provides free, independent legal advice to people who live or work in Tower Hamlets and South Hackney.

The project aims to set up a Skype counselling clinic at the Dracaena Centre and provide remote support to the Cornish CAR, which also uses Skype to a large extent. Legal Advice Centre lawyers provide free remote legal advice to people in need in Falmouth via Skype-enabled computers at the Dracaena Centre. The clinics are held weekly on Mondays and Fridays. The advice focuses on social benefits and debts. Follow-up work is done by LAC lawyers. The main legal issues are: • Employment • Housing • Family • Education • Social benefits • Debt • Consumer issues The best way to reach us is via our online contract form *Walk-in sessions are currently suspended due to Covid-19 University House – Legal Advice Centre is one of London`s oldest legal advisory firms and was the first to be established in Bethnal Green. It was founded in 1941 under the aegis of the University Settlement in London`s East End. Collaboration with the Dracaena Center is critical to the sustainability of the project, and the Legal Advice Center has invested a lot of time in helping the Dracaena Center raise funds, as the goal is for the Dracaena Center to take responsibility for this project once it secures funding. The Falmouth Dracaena Centre Webcam Advice Project is a partnership between the Legal Advice Centre and the Dracaena Centre (Falmouth. Collaboration with key stakeholders will continue to work directly with the insurance and financial sectors. The coverage and scope of the LEI will evolve to provide a universal framework for LEI support.

Apprentice Lawyer – Vacancies We are looking for a talented and enthusiastic apprentice lawyer to join our team in Bethnal Gre This is an overview of the profile of the PitchBook platform. The Legal Advisory Centre provides the Cornwall CAB with: While every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided is up to date, the services listed may change their contact information before the Tower Hamlets Family Information Service becomes aware of it. Therefore, we do not accept any responsibility for any errors that may occur. We do not endorse or recommend any listed vendor. Our family clinics focus on family violence. The clinics are a collaboration between us and a number of international law firms. These funds will continue this work for another two years at the local and national levels. Second year of the Falmouth Dracaena Centre webcam consultancy project We are a member of Advice (UK), hold the specialist quality mark, OISC – Level 3 and FCA registered.