Our Values

At Sayeon, our values form the nucleus of our corporate culture. Our culture has been carefully developed to preserve the team environment and the founding spirit of the company. Values are a critical component of our corporate culture and a common thread that permeates the entire organization. The values have been and will continue to be key success factors for Sayeon.

Pursuit of Excellence: Expand the contours of what is possible

  • Demonstrate innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness
  • Help create high performance teams, predictable results, rigorous execution
  • Seek continuous self-improvement and constant learning

Integrity: Be forthright and honest in all interactions

  • Demonstrate genuine sincerity and personal honor; work without a hidden agenda
  • Hold oneself to a high degree of accountability and assume responsibility for actions
  • Establish realistic expectations and meet commitments

Respect for Individuals: Respect Clients and Fellow Team Members

  • Treat clients and colleagues with genuine respect and value the intrinsic qualities of each
  • Enhance client respect for Sayeon at every opportunity, build strong trusted advisor relationships
  • Support team members, find solutions not fault

Leadership: Inspire others through empowerment

  • Lead by example (Inspire), encourage others to take ownership (Empower)
  • Engage with the team to collaborate and develop the best Solution through collective wisdom
  • Assign success to the team, take personal responsibility if things go wrong