Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing is less expensive and faster than developing within your own company. Sayeon delivers value by leveraging Outsourced development services across multiple facilities around the world. Our primary facility, located in Hyderabad, India, helps you speed up business results and take advantage of a talented development staff, while dramatically cutting your expenses.

We can offer a complete turnkey service, or we can build your development team and then transition the management function and eventually completely integrate this into your organization. Whichever approach you choose, you can rely on Sayeon to advise you throughout the entire process and help you navigate the local, cultural, HR and legal issues unique to India.

We categorized our Outsourcing Services in to three types:

1. Dedicated Services
2. Shared Services
3. Promoting Services


Sayeon has built a dedicated quality team of software professionals who will work on outsourced projects on behalf of you and your clients.

Three levels of personnel to meet your needs: Sayeon has built a quality team of software professionals, organized in three categories.

Core: With the highest level of domain experience in solving customer problems, core team members are senior technical solutions architects. They can be your employees, people hired by us specifically, or existing Sayeon employees who have the talent and skills to meet the specifications of your project. They focus on how technology generates business results.

Dedicated: More flexible in their skills, this group of people are mostly Sayeon employees. They are knowledgeable in the overall domain but often have less experience than Core team members.

Project Specific: Frequently generalists or people with highly specialized skills, these team members are brought in as needed to respond to particular project demands. This group offers a high degree of flexibility to control the head count associated with their project during non-peak periods.


We differentiate ourselves by leveraging our people, processes, and component technology to help you take advantage of the operational benefits an offshore option can provide. Shared services are to support your offshore operation

In addition to delivering a quality application development team, we have a very professional and results-oriented culture that yields long-term mutual partnerships. We differentiate ourselves from the hundreds of other options out there by how we leverage our infrastructure to help you take advantage of the benefits an offshore option can provide operations. Sayeon offers support services critical to the success of your offshore operation. These include:

  • Human resources: Hiring, administration and monitoring your team
  • IT infrastructure: Managing computers, connectivity, and other IT issues
  • Physical infrastructure: Managing office space, transportation, and a host of other infrastructure issues that frequently become a large sink of management time
  • Getting more value out of your IT investment: Gaining of 100% or more cost efficiencies on your existing IT Investment
  • Finance and accounting
  • SEPG: Defining and administering the software process


At Sayeon, we offer access to a pool of creatively talented and experienced people who can focus on your organization’s strategy marketing and ensure that you get recognized by various authorities and stand high in market.

Do you know Why more than Fortune 500 companies are ever taking advantage of Quality Outsourced Development services: To lower costs and focus more clearly on core business objectives.

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