Software Development Services

Frequently our customers have tried-and-true software applications that meet all their business needs except one: i.e. With a strong need to better adapt these applications for today’s market demands, Sayeon assists customers in making their current software applications web-enabled. Sometimes our customers simply require assistance in interfacing two seemingly incompatible applications – a critical interface that will make or break their enterprise strategy. They call us to build the bridge. And we do. Then, there are our customers who need something “from scratch”. They need a software solution that cannot be obtained through any off-the-shelf means. Sayeon software engineers help through the planning, development, implementation, and management phases and deliver a complete custom software application. Sayeon manages all phases with a strong results-oriented focus.


Some of the world’s leading enterprises and commercial software product companies rely on Sayeon to build their mission-critical products and solutions. Sayeon offers a deep reservoir of proven practices, processes, tools, and infrastructure needed to define, design, develop, and deliver mission-critical software solutions. Sayeon’s Product and Product-Class Solution Development service is customized to help our clients build complex and sophisticated products and solutions.

Everything Sayeon builds for its clients meets the exacting rigor of a commercial software product. In other words, we design solutions that are flexible, scalable, configurable, and highly manageable so the organization can leverage the technology to maximize responsiveness to business changes. We leverage on our unique methodology, to create product-class solutions and consolidate related software assets into core, reusable platforms. These platforms help our clients innovate faster by building vertical solutions rapidly leveraging the platform as the foundation. From discovery to delivery, our best practices such as iterative release cycles, pervasive asset reuse, and simultaneous Quality Assurance (QA) ensure the delivery of high quality results.

The Product & Product-class Solution Development service helps our clients achieve the following benefits:

  • Enhanced software development efficiencies through platform reuse
  • Improved time to market due to rapid development of vertical solutions
  • Significant impact on revenues through faster market penetration
  • Reduced software development and maintenance costs
  • Increased software quality through process rigor, best-in-class QA processes and reuse of pre-tested, pre-assembled, custom assets

Product & Product-class Solution Development Services include:

  • Product Consulting & Professional Services
  • Product Development & Design Services
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Product Offshore Centers
  • Product Sustenance Services
  • Testing & Automation Services


Adopting an offshore outsourcing model should be about more than seeking cost reductions; it should establish a framework to drive continuous improvement. Sayeon enables your business to leverage the combined benefits of IT Outsourcing (ITO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) by adopting a unified view of your processes and applications.

At Sayeon, our Application development and Maintenance methodology, caters to the best of breed processes which helps in a successful on time and above expected delivery. Stringent quality procedures clubbed with benchmarked practices and experienced delivery skills help clients get maximum return on their IT spending.

We work with you to:

  • Outline the solution
  • Define the solution architecture
  • Develop prototypes for demos to users
  • Design the framework of the solution
  • Build the solution
  • Validate the solution against requirements
  • Rolling out the solution across your organization
  • Continuous support for the solution
  • With Sayeon, you have access to the best global talent, which increases your chances¬† ¬† of innovation

Application Development and Maintenance Services include:

  • Application Development
  • Application Maintenance
  • Application Re-engineering
  • Application Portfolio Management


Sayeon’s enabling focus addresses the entire gamut of business requirements from establishing a meaningful internet presence, content management and portal solutions, B2B integration, enterprise application integration, mobile commerce, web security, business intelligence and data warehousing.
Strategic consulting, design and implementation, maintenance, monitoring, measuring, optimizing, management of applications etc. are certain services offered by these practices. With its expertise and alliances with major product and technology vendors, Sayeon is able to provide a complete one-stop solution to the customers in these core areas.

We Think:

Our consultants help you think about the operational and user requirements and the alignment of technology with your business. We provide everything from e-business and Web consulting through to technology selection and infrastructure planning.

  • Technology selection
  • Program management
  • Information architecture
  • Business consulting & analysis
  • E-business & Web consulting
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Enterprise application consulting
  • Creative strategy

We Deliver:

We design, develop and deliver robust enterprise applications and Web-based solutions. We deliver everything from application development through to content management.

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Enterprise portals
  • Systems integration
  • Enterprise application development
  • Supply chain management
  • E-business & Web solutions
  • E-learning & knowledge management
  • Electronic document & records management
  • User experience & design
  • E-commerce
  • Enterprise content management

We Manage:

We manage, support and host entire technology environments. Our comprehensive services range from application management through to outsourcing.

  • Enterprise infrastructure & hosting
  • Security
  • Outsourcing
  • Capacity planning & testing
  • Applications management
  • Application performance testing